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When you need high pressured water, you need it NOW! Our Electric Drill Pump gives you just that and then some.

Our pump is designed to work with any corded or cordless drill and allows you to conveniently pump high pressured water from anywhere. The Electric Drill Pump fits most electric drills, converts virtually any drill into a high capacity pump capable of emptying sinks, aquariums, pool skimmers and much more.

Liquids such as rainwater, freshwater, seawater, oil, diluted organic solvents, insecticides, and liquid fertilizers can all be transferred using this handy little pump. The perfect pump for both indoor and outdoor use :)


  • High-quality workmanship, compact, lightweight design, and very easy to use
  • High flow, stable performance, and high efficiency
  • Fits most electric drills


  • To assure optimum priming and long life, apply a few drops of lubricating oil in pump inlet prior to each use and flush with clean water after each use.
  • Be sure inlet hose is airtight and as short as possible. Inlet hose should not exceed 3m. When pumping abrasive fluids or liquids with solids, longer pump life will be obtained by using a strainer on the inlet line.
  • It is recommended that the pump is mounted to a surface for security and ease of use. Mount and start drill. Watch inlet tubing to be certain fluid is drawn into pump in 15-20 seconds. If not, check that the inlet tube is properly mounted to the inlet pump.
  • Do not run dry if the pump fails to prime, check to be sure that hoses are not clogged. Pump depends on the fluid being pumped for lubrication.

NOTE: DO NOT run the pump in reverse.


  • 1 x Electric Drill Pump